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A Review of Pot Pie Girl's One Week Marketing

Author: Anne P Jackson

Internet marketing is one of the fastest growing work from home businesses today. With the poor shape of the economy Cowboys Jerseys For Sale , more and more people are jumping on the band-wagon, trying to earn an income that will give them their dream. Most will fail. They will fail not because they are stupid, or don't work hard enough, but because they don't have the knowledge base necessary to succeed.

There are literally thousands of people on the internet selling their own personal methods of success. The cost of these programs can range anywhere from $10 - $500 Cheap Dallas Cowboys Jerseys , or more! In my experience, the higher cost programs are NOT necessarily the better programs. The internet marketer newbie, does not have the experience to realize that spending that $500 on a program with the brightest colors, snazziest landing page or the most bonus's offered is not necessarily the program for them! Like it is in any field Cheap Cowboys Jerseys , you have to learn to walk before you can run!

This is where Pot Pie Girl's One Week Marketing comes in. Within her program, she offers the new internet marketer a program that teaches them the steps they need to know in order to become successful. New internet marketers need to learn how to walk before they can run. They need to "play in the sand before they can play in the ocean with the big guys"! Most new internet marketers try to skip this step and THAT is why they fail. It's like trying to compete with Microsoft when you can barely turn on a computer!

Pot Pie Girl's One Week Marketing teaches about finding a niche (a product to sell), researching that niche in order to target your campaign to the audience you want, finding appropriate keywords Cheap Jeff Heath Jersey , and then building and publishing a Squidoo lens to educate your potential buyers about that product and then send them on to the actual sales page. A Squidoo lens, for those who don't know, is essentially a free web page builder. So a lens is actually a web page. The advantage in using Squidoo is that Google loves it and you get extra "Google" points in the form of page ranking by building lenses.

One Week Marketing shows you, in a step by step format Cheap Chris Jones Jersey , exactly how to do this and get indexed bu Google in a week - sometimes even less. The newbie to internet marketing can see immediate results for their work, and that's a great incentive to keep moving forward!

I purchased Pot Pie Girl's One Week Marketing and followed her steps carefully and was pleasantly surprised to find the lens I created indexed by Google in not one week - but ONE DAY! Her system works, her system teaches and best of all her system gives those new to internet marketing the hope that they too can be successful in the field of internet marketing.

Article Source: Link

About the Author:

One Week Marketing is an inexpensive way for those new to internet marketing or thinking about entering the field to learn and get their feet wet, while not spending anything more than the cost of the program. As of this writing Cheap Tyrone Crawford Jersey , it only cost $47, which is very reasonable in my opinion. To learn more about Pot Pie Girls Amazing approach to internet marketing, visit Pot Pie Girl

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