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The Prize Isn't Always in the Bottom of the Box Self Help Articles | June 22 A.J. Bouye Jersey , 2006
How many of you can remember when you were a kid and looked for that proverbial prize in the box of cereal? I can remember when I was about 8 years old, I asked my mom to buy me a certain cereal becau...

How many of you can remember when you were a kid and looked for that proverbial prize in the box of cereal? I can remember when I was about 8 years old, I asked my mom to buy me a certain cereal because it sponsored Flash Gordon. It?s possible that many of you younger readers don?t have a clue who Flash Gordon was. Flash Gordon was a make believe super hero who was invincible. He crusaded for good deeds in outer space.

At any rate, my mom bought the cereal for me mainly because I wanted the prize that came with it. The prize was a Flash Gordon Super Vision Shield. It was an amber colored pair of goggles. However, in order to get to the prize I had to pour the entire box of cereal out because it was at the bottom. I didn?t dare think of eating my way to the prize because I was too impatient. Yes Yannick Ngakoue Jersey , I wanted to be like Flash Gordon! Once that shield came pouring out from the bottom I put it on and I felt invincible like my favorite super hero. I wore it everywhere my mom and I went. I even tried to wear it to school but the teachers didn?t want a super hero flying around the playground.

Over the years there were other neat prizes from many different brands of cereal, but I was never really interested in the cereal, only the prize. In my defense, I could say, ?But I was only a kid and didn?t know any better.?

When you think about it; life itself can be like a box of cereal. Even as adults we keep looking for that proverbial prize which we?ll sometimes go through all costs to obtain. Just think about what we do at times. We can get greedy and pushy just to get what we think is the prize. If you happen to have a box of cereal that has a prize in it Myles Jack Jersey , what would you do? Would you throw it away just to get to the prize? Unfortunately there are times we don?t consider our friendships or other people?s feelings.

Try to look at it in a different perspective. Wouldn?t it be better to enjoy the journey along the way? In other words, don?t be impatient and pour the cereal out of the box. That will only spoil the real meaning of the prize. Savor what you have and be grateful. I guarantee your prize will appear, without having to push others out of the way to get it. ? Tony Masiello 2006

As other branches in medicine, dentistry aims to make oral life better by enhancing the life span of the dentition and make its job easier by doing appropriate corrective things to ensure better functionality. Therefore, full mouth rehabilitation has great significance.

Also known as full mouth restoration or full mouth reconstruction Leonard Fournette Jersey , full mouth rehabilitation is used to rebuild or restore the teeth in upper as well as lower jaws.

This procedure belongs to reconstructive dentistry and comprises procedures aided to repair damaged teeth, replacing missing toothteeth, treat damage to gums and jawbone, correct the deformity in jaw joints and faulty bites and so on. If there are multiple issues, full mouth reconstruction is advised.

Objective of mouth rehabilitation
The objective of mouth rehabilitation is to convert all elements that are not supportive into supportive elements. The aim of full mouth rehabilitation is the elements that are not supportive would bring back the function of the oral organs (teeth) to normal condition so that they can function normally.

Who can go for full mouth reconstruction?
This is highly custom treatment. It may widely vary from individual to individual. As it aims to boost the whole mouth performance - teeth Jalen Ramsey Jersey , gums, and their function - biting, smiling and speaking. Therefore, it is important that the individual is a healthy normal one.

What is done in full mouth rehabilitation?
In this dental procedure, the dentist may take recourse to using dental crowns Telvin Smith Jersey , veneers or bridges and there may be involvement of specialized dentists.

People seeking full mouth reconstruction should see dentist for complete examination. The dentists will examine oral health of the individual, and judge the severity of the problem and will advise for treatment option that can be done as corrective methods. The dentist would examine the parts in oral cavity:

Teeth condition
Teeth condition is important in guiding the dentist with regard to what reconstructive procedure may be done. These procedures include onlays or inlays, dental crowns, bridges or implants. The dentists would also check for existence of dental decay, cracks DJ Chark Jersey , shortlong teeth, root canal and any looseness in teeth.

Gum condition
The gums should be healthy. Otherwise, you may need scaling and root planning to cure periodontal disease. A more intensive treatment may be needed from a periodontist, and make sure your reconstructed teeth have a strong footing. The treatment may include grafting soft tissue or bone to compensate your gums and the relevant jaw bones.

Enhancing the appearance
Teeth colour, shape Gardner Minshew Jersey , size and their proportion with regard to your mouth is important in enhancing smile. The appearance of these elements in the gums, lips, mouth, and face are important in determining if your need total moth reconstruction.

Examining your mouth
The test checks your mouth with the aid of X-ray photograph, and takes impressions of upper and lower jaws; she will take the models of your teeth and the impression of your bite. Further Nick Foles Jersey , the dentist may ask you to go to a specialist - periodontist, oral surgeon or orthodontist.

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