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Mechatronic System Able to Determine the Concentration of Carotenoids Health Articles | May 31 Gary Sanchez Jersey , 2017
Introduction Civilization and progress have brought us many benefits. Today we not live in the field, in forests or in the caves. We have houses specially designed with air conditioning in summer and...


Civilization and progress have brought us many benefits. Today we not live in the field, in forests or in the caves. We have houses specially designed with air conditioning in summer and winter heating. We have transport quickly by any direction and wireless communications. We can't yet devise spaceships high speed and autonomy and satellites to locate us with great precision habitable planets. I mean that today, we (considered to be a civilization top) we can only ask for a Galactic expansion of humanity. We don't have real possibilities to accomplish although current technologies would allow it. When we have opened "Pandora's box" we have overflowed the humanity by the good and by the all evil Neil Walker Jersey , leaving them to tumbling out. Unfortunately we haven’t today political capacity to solve all essential issues of humanity. However many of them have begun to be taken into account. How do we want to have more money for the research concerned eradicate major diseases and for the extension of life, when now we have multiplied too much and the planet on which we are now all closed, can only lead us all. The methods generally used for the determination of carotenoids extracted from a natural environment are based on absorption spectrophotometry. These methods may be relatively precise but require a relatively long preparation of the sample to be analyzed. Indeed, because of the other pigments often present in the samples analyzed and extracted at the same time as the carotenoids Mariano Rivera Jersey , the analysis is not very precise on the crude acetone extract, chlorophylls in particular are often troublesome. Saponification and different extraction methods are then necessary to purify the solution, which inevitably leads to loss of carotenoids, thus an error in the assay. Raman resonance spectrometry has been used successfully for the detection and identification of algae or bacteria in water and for determining the concentration of carotenoids in marine phytoplankton. One can generalize this method to other species Alex Rodriguez Jersey , in particular benthic macrofauna species and to compare the results with those obtained from absorption spectrometry (Aversa et al., 2016 a-o, 2017 a-e; Mirsayar et al., 2017; Petrescu et al. Mickey Mantle Jersey , 2015, 2016 a-e).

By exciting the Raman spectrum of a carotenoid within its visible absorption band (p -> px transition of the polyenic chain), a very large increase in line intensity attributable to the polyenic chain is observed; It can be 106. The Raman spectrum thus obtained is characteristic of the only carotenoids present in the solution, because under these conditions the intensity of the Raman lines characteristic of the non-absorbent species or of the other pigments are much too low to be detected. The direct and specific analysis of the carotenoids within a system as complex as a solution obtained after extraction Babe Ruth Jersey , is then possible. The intensity of the resonance Raman lines is proportional to the concentration of the pigment at a given excitation wavelength. A reference substance in solution with the carotenoids (or the solvent itself) serves as an internal standard. The ratio of the intensity of a carotenoid line to the intensity of a line of the solvent, leads through a calibration prior to the carotenoid concentration in the solution. Visible adsorption is not sufficiently selective and pigments other than carotenoids can alter the measured optical density. Each carotenoid has its own excitation profile (variation of coefficient of exaltation as a function of the excitation wavelength) and, in the case of a given concentration mixture the measured intensity varies according to of the relative proportion of constituents. The excitation profile of each carotenoid, which is the main source of error of this method Derek Jeter Jersey , can be used to determine the majority compound in a mixture and thus considerably reduce the error caused by a bad reference choice.

A major medical problem is that of free radicals present in the human body. They are formed in the human cells and have the role to destroy certain pathogenic bacteria. Their presence is permanent and required in the human body. But when they multiply too much might get out of control and can be very toxic to human body. So as long as they are check of the cells and the immune system radicals fulfill only the role good and are friendly. Serious problems produce them only when they are free to cell or body. It has been shown that and free radicals in the body can be put under control by antioxidants present themselves in the human body.

Free Radicals adversely affecting the DNA cells; are adversely affected mainly heart cells, brain cells and some immune system; it can be altered the genetic material of a cell; as a result changes occur in the structure of a protein and after the immune system considers the cell a foreign substance and are trying to destroy it. Free Radicals can damage and protective membrane of cells, causing their death and in this way. Any cell receives approximately ten thousands of attacks on day from the free radicals. A free radical is an atom or group of atoms containing a lone electron non-compensated; it can live only one fraction of a second.

The oxygen is necessary human metabolism and to convert nutrients into energy; the most known free radicals are oxygen derivatives, such as superoxide New York Yankees Jersey , hydroxyl, hydrogen peroxide, nitric oxide, etc. Free radicals are formed by a number of different metabolic processes such as breaking down the fat molecules stored for their use as an energy source Jay Bruce Jersey , . Wholesale Jerseys For Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale NCAA Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Authentic MLB Jerseys Wholesale Custom Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale NBA Jerseys From China Wholesale Authentic MLB Jerseys

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