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No matter what role you choose in your life for those special children formal dresses online , be sure to get them ready for the big day with plenty of practice. If the children are going to walk the aisle during the ceremony, have them practice a few times until they feel comfortable. If you choose them for a special reading, have them practice by reading aloud in front of others. A ceremony shouldn't be the first time you've turned it into a group event. You should have included them from the start. Seeing familiar faces on their wedding day will ease some of their nerves.
The ideas for including children in your wedding celebration are endless, but the rules are all flexible. Do whatever you want to make you and the kids comfortable, but be prepared for cuteness overload!

We've all been there. You get a wedding invitation and while it clearly lists who, when and where, you can only guess what to wear. Use these helpful guides on what wedding guest attire to wear to events ranging from formal white tie weddings to more casual weddings.

white tie invitation
The most formal type of attire for a wedding is a white tie invitation, so you should stick to that one.
Men should wear a black tuxedo, white dress shirt, white piqué vest and bow tie. Black dress shoes or even white gloves are appropriate.
Ladies should wear a formal full-length evening gown in a neutral color such as black or navy.

black tie invitation
Black Tie Invited is the next most formal type of affair, and the guidelines are fairly straightforward for men.
A black tuxedo and matching pants look great. Men should wear it with a black tie and matching black vest or belt. In summer or warmer climates, a white evening dress and black tuxedo pants are also acceptable.
Ladies can choose from a formal floor-length gown for a dressier look, or a shorter, dressy cocktail dress.

This phrasing suggests slightly less formality than a black tie. While a tuxedo isn't required for the event, it's still formal enough for a tuxedo.
Men should wear a tuxedo or dark formal attire. A white shirt and tie in a neutral color is appropriate.
Ladies can choose from gowns in neutral shades such as black, gray or navy, dressy cocktail dresses or dressy suits.

For a semi-formal wedding, you'll want to dress somewhere between formal and casual, depending on the time and location of the event. Wear darker, more formal colors for evening events, and opt for lighter colors and fabrics for daytime weddings.
Men should wear a suit and tie, dark or light, depending on the season and time of day.
Generally, dress lengths for women should be cocktail length—at or just below the knee, but maxi dresses or separates work well too.

Wedding guests should consider the venue, weather, and season when choosing attire for a beach wedding. Beach Formal suggests an elegant beach wedding, so dress to impress but also dress for the elements. Swimsuits (even under your clothes) should not be worn unless specifically requested.
Men can opt for a summer suit with a colorful linen shirt, linen or khaki pants, and sandals. A tie is not required, but a bright, colorful tie or bow tie is sure to add variety to your outfit.
Ladies can wear sundresses, casual maxi dresses or dress shirts and skirts. Flat shoes are a must as you will likely be walking on uneven terrain.

A casual wedding outdoors or on the beach is much more laid-back, especially when it comes to attire. That being said, jeans, tank tops, and shorts are still likely to be no-no unless the invitation specifically calls for them. It's safe to assume smart casual attire.
Men can't go wrong with a nice button-down shirt, tie and dress pants. You can add a blazer if you want, but you might also see men in polo shirts and dress pants.

While these guidelines will save you from embarrassment on your wedding day, if you have any questions about what wedding guest attire is appropriate for your upcoming wedding, don't be afraid to ask the bride or groom a question.
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