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For connecting a database with the application 5 steps are given -
1) Register the driver class
2) Creating connection
3)Creating statement
4)Executing queries
5) Closing connection
1) Register the driver class
To register the driver class forName() method of Class class is used. This method is mainly used to dynamically load the driver class.
Syntax :
public static void forName(String className)throws

Example to register the Oracle driver class :

1. ame(" leDriver");
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2) Create connection object
To establish connection with the database getConnection() method of DriverManager class is used.
Syntax :
1. 1) public static Connection getConnection(String url)throws SQLException
2. 2) public static Connection getConnection(String url,String name,
3. String password) throws SQLException
Example to establish connection with the Oracle database
1. Connection con= onnection
2. ( "jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:xe" Cheap Browns Jerseys ,"system","password");
3) Create Statement object
To create statement object The createStatement() method of Connection interface is used. The object of statement is mainly used to execute queries with the database. Advanced java training in bangalore

1. Syntax : public Statement createStatement()throws SQLException
Example to create the statement object
1. Statement stmt= teStatement();
4) Execute the query
To execute queries to the database executeQuery() method of Statement interface is used. This method returns the object of ResultSet that can be used to get all the records of a table.
Syntax of executeQuery() method
1. public ResultSet executeQuery(String sql)throws SQLException
Example to execute query
1. ResultSet rs= uteQuery("select * from emp");
3. while( ()){
4. tln( nt(1)+" "+ tring(2));
5. }
5) Close the connection object
By closing connection object statement and ResultSet will be closed automatically. The close() method of Connection interface is used to close java course in Bangalore the connection.

Syntax :
public void close()throws SQLException
Example to close connection
Connection with Oracle database :
To connect java application with the oracle database, we need to follow 5 steps to perform database connectivity. Before that some information is needed :
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