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Games > Game Genres > MMORPG > Star Trek OnlineFantastic servers
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LOS ANGELES, July 14 (Xinhua) -- An African American girl Tatyana Hargrove was beaten by police officers of Bakersfield of California and attacked by a police dog for she was mistakenly identified as a male suspect.

The video posted on social media trigger an outrage around the nation and an internal investigation, the Los Angeles Times website reported Thursday night.

The incident happened on June 18, the day before Father's Day. 19-year-old Tatyana Hargrove said in a video posted on NAACP (National Association for The Advanced Colored People)'s Facebook page that, she went to a grocery store nearby to pick up a gift for her father, where she met three patrol cruisers and one police officer pointing at her with a gun.

That day was very hot Tyquan Lewis Womens Jersey , Hargrove said, she got a back pack with three bottles of water. The police asked her to hand over the back pack, at first she asked if he had a warrant, but the police didn't answer, just pointed at a big K-9 police dog, she was so scared, then had to follow the order.

After that Kemoko Turay Womens Jersey , an officer grabbed her wrist, neck and punched her. They also threw her onto the ground, when the K-9 dog started eating her legs. After Hargrove was rolled around, the officer put his knees on her back and head, she stated.

"I told him I can't breathe. I can't breathe," she said. "and then I started yelling out: "Somebody help me. Somebody help me. They are going to kill me."

Over 6,000 people commented on this video till Friday morning Braden Smith Womens Jersey , most of them denounced the police and sympathize on Hargrove's encounter.

"That is disgusting. That girl needs an apology and compensation for the ordeal, for the injuries and for the mental abuse of it all, Facebook user Sheena Bowen said.

However what policemen described after the incident was very different from Hargrove's.

According to officer Christopher Moore who wrote the report, Hargrove was arrested on suspicion of resisting an officer and assaulting on a peace officer, even though he knew he made a wrong about Hargrove's gender.

"She appeared to be a male and matched the description of the suspect that had brandished the machete and was also within the same complex the suspect had fled to," Moore wrote.

When Hargrove was carried back to the patrol cruiser, she told officers her name is Tatyana Darius Leonard Womens Jersey , Moore said: "Don't lie to me, that's a girl's name. What is your name?" She said, "I am a girl, I just don't dress like one." That's the first time Moore discovered she was a female, LA Times reported.

Bakersfield police Sgt. Ryan Kroeker, a department spokesman, declined to comment on the allegations Quenton Nelson Womens Jersey , only said "there are two sides to every story."

So far the officers involved in Hargrove's arrest have not been placed on leave, LA Times reported, adding that Hargrove is still suffering from the wounds from the dog bite, and cuts to her face and right knee.

Chinese leaders call for stronger cooperation with Canada

Heavy rain causes waterlogging in Yongji, China's Jilin

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