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Although Lining corporation publishes new positive drawing for amending plans adidas nmd r2, the bazaar place response is optimistic, the share price rose 7.25% yesterday big at 5.03 Yuan, but considering the top level 31.15 Yuan in April 2010, a big curtailing to 84%, cut short the market capitalization of 5.311 billion Yuan. A lot of observers lay their fingers on that Lining Brand Corporation is confronted with sustaining growing old, revolution is equally difficult to go on or retreat, high leaders have flee, and Lining oneself raffish and a train of underlying contradictories, the tomorrow of the renewal will still be tough.

Anta and Peak are getting up sharply meanwhile Nike and Adidas are doing onslaught abroad adidas nmd c1, yet Lining resuscitating way is so long that we cannot see the end.Lining is always the biggest movement appliance greatest popular brand in domestic, and are comfortably in best status, however in latest periods, under the competitors of Anta, Adidas and Nike at home and abroad fierce attack, the company should obviously improper, revealed lots of issues. In 2010 Lining started the reshaping of brand lift, and it has many main change related, covering the design that has been used for 20 years promoting, developing the customer bazaar of 90s generation by improving the product price, making effort to close the distance with the global sports brand etc.

However, through these changes were not delivered, not only fails to please the 90's favor, even the original 70's of the main consumer and 80's are also lost out adidas nmd city sock. The industry considered more price as chronic suicide, mainly due to its customers most concentrated in two or three cities, purchasing power is limited, continuous increasing price making the original price advantage disappeared, lead to high end consumers to Adidas or Nike and other international brand, the low end of the consumers can turn to more the good and cheap Anta, Peak, Lining eventually end up two head not please awkward situation.

In addition, Lining in Sep. 2010 declared to reform normative line in special China of the precursor of the joy energy saving adidas originals nmd runner, even at that time he claimed that purpose is to push forward the great movement and movement zoology community, but its way into the house and field possession purpose was revealed explicitly. Such a departure from the practice of the main industry, incurred by the outside world strongly questioned. Since then, many continue to sing the prospects for short Lining, its shares tragically large warehouse washing three times in eight monthsFeature Articles, the stock has since brought to its knees.

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