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CAPE TOWN air jordan 5 wine pre order , June 13 (Xinhua) -- Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba onTuesday defended the granting of naturalization to thecontroversial Indian Gupta family.

Gigaba said he handled the Guptas' naturalization application"in a lawful manner" when he was Minister of Home Affairs.

Gigaba, who became Finance Minister in April, was speaking afterdocuments circulated through social media on Monday with respect tothe Gupta family naturalization.

The minister confirmed that these documents "are genuine".

Gigaba said he lawfully approved the application in terms ofSouth African Citizenship Act which vests the authority on theMinister of Home Affairs to grant a certificate of naturalizationas a South African citizen to any alien who satisfies requirementsfor naturalization.

"The application was handled in line with the procedure thatrequires that the Department of Home Affairs submitsrecommendations to the Minister for consideration," Gigaba said ina statement.

The granting of naturalization certificates of this nature isnot unusual, he said air jordan 5 bordeaux pre order , adding that similar courtesies have beenextended to prominent businessmen, including executives ofmulti-nationals, and sports people.

There is no impropriety on the part of him in relation to howthe application in question has been handled, said Gigaba.

The wealthy Guptas, which allegedly keep close ties withPresident Jacob Zuma and his family air jordan 5 wine for sale , have been under fire forexerting undue influence on Zuma in the appointment of cabinetministers and the awarding to lucrative contracts with state-ownedcompanies, a charge both denied by the Guptas and Zuma.

The social media criticized Gigaba for opening South Africangates to the Guptas and for "bombshelling over Guptas'citizenship".

Such reports paid no consideration to accuracy, Gigaba said.

It is not true that Gigaba "opened the gates" for the Guptas whohave been permanent residents in South Africa since 2008, saidMayihlome Tshwete, spokesperson of the Ministry of Finance.

Furthermore air jordan 5 bordeaux for sale , there is no "bombshell" in relation to this matter,given that everything was done within the prescripts of the law,Tshwete said.

Gigaba has requested the Department of Home Affairs to make themotivation pertaining to this particular application, and any otherissue relating to the Gupta family, available to the media.

"I have requested the Department of Home Affairs to providechronological details of how all applications by the Gupta familyhave been handled by the Department of Home Affairs from thebeginning. We have no doubt that the whole process has been handledby the book in terms of our laws air jordan 5 wine shoes ," said Gigaba.

The minister said it is unfortunate that the focus of the nationis diverted towards spurious sideshows when the country is facedwith massive economic challenges.

He called on all sectors of South African society to channeltheir energies on the urgent priority of boosting economic growthand rebuilding confidence in the economy after the downgrades ofSouth Africa's credit rating.

In April, both Standard & Poor's and Fitch downgraded SouthAfrica's credit rating to junk status.

Last week, Moody's downgraded South Africa's credit rating toone level above junk status with a negative outlook. Enditem

ADDIS ABABA, June 21 (Xinhua) -- Addressing poverty, which is acommon enemy of humankind air jordan 5 bordeaux shoes , and achieving sustainable developmentare the common agenda of China and Africa, Chinese Foreign MinisterWang Yi has said.

Wang made the remarks on Wednesday during a joint pressconference with the Chairperson of the African Union Commission,Moussa Faki Mahamat, at the AU headquarters in Addis Ababa,Ethiopia.

Speaking to reporters about China's poverty reduction anddevelopment cooperation with Africa air jordan 5 premium bordeaux , Wang said poverty is a commonenemy of mankind and a source of violence and terror, whiledevelopment is the key to solving all the problems.

He noted that the Sino-African cooperation has focused onaddressing poverty and development.

Stating that about 400 million people are living in poverty inAfrica, Wang underlined the urgent task of achieving povertyreduction on the continent.

He also noted that China's success in addressing povertysignificantly, whereby it has lifted 700 million Chinese out ofpoverty, is a lesson to be drawn by African countries.

At the China-Africa Cooperation Forum (FOCAC) summit in 2015 air jordan 5 premium wine ,President Xi Jinping announced the China-Africa Poverty Reductionand Development Cooperation Program, in response to Africa's urgentexpectation, recalled the Foreign Minister.

A high-level dialogue and think tank forum on poverty reductionand development was held on Wednesday at the AU headquarters, whichthe Foreign Minister said was an important platform to share theachievements and experiences of poverty reduction between the twosides.

Wang said he hoped participants of the forum will come up withpractical action plans after drawing inspirations from the book"Out of Poverty" by President Xi and the successful practice ofpoverty alleviation in China.

The foreign minister has expressed China's keen interest insharing its experiences and strengthening future cooperation basedon Africa's priorities towards achieving poverty reduction andaspired development on the continent.

He also expressed China's commitment to support Africa's humanresource development, for which China provides tens of thousands ofgovernment scholarships and trainings in China as well as technicaland vocational training to about 200 air jordan 5 wine ,000 personnel in Africa.

With only one Chinese-built railway project in Kenya, theMombasa-Nairobi railway, more than 40,000 local workers have beentrained and about 38,000 jobs have been created for the localpeople air jordan 5 bordeaux , Wang said.

He also stated that China has supported Africa by providingemergency food and aid to more than

By John Kwoba

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