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Is there something ? activity, memory or toy that they absolutely love? That is a good place to start as it narrows down your choices.
The outdoors, transportation, sport or fairytales, these are all great ideas that can be easily turned into a fun kid's room theme. You can even go with family or cultural history, fond memories and so on.

Once you decide on a theme, have a look at artwork. Thankfully children?s artwork is plentiful these days and you are no longer stuck with the traditional nursery rhyme framed print. Canvas art for children can tell a story and form the focal part of the room. The piece can tell a whole story from All American Sports to Noah?s Ark and Fairies, the options are endless. Personalized art makes an extra special touch as every child likes to see their name or initials in print.

Next from your chosen artwork , pull out a color for the walls. Depending on the size of the room and amount of light it receives, the lighter the walls the better. This allows you to introduce vibrant colors via other accessories like wastebaskets, clocks, lighting and rugs. A bold color coupled with brightly colored accessories can sometimes make the room too stimulating. Add that to a two year old and bedtime- you get the picture!

Lighting has an amazing effect on a room. Painted Wood Chandeliers are elegant and simple. The shades can be coordinated with bedding and window treatments. Iron chandeliers are ornate and bring a delicate touch to the room especially with crystals. Character chandeliers tell a story all by themselves and you can purchase pirate, safari, tea party, etc chandeliers. The list really does go on. A matching bedside or table lamp will not only look good on a dresser or nightstand but also provides adequate reading light at bedtime.

Rugs have an amazing way of infusing color and personality into a room. If your child?s room is angular you can soften it with a round or oval rug. The same can be used to complement a room with arches and round bay windows. A square or rectangular rug looks good also in a regular shaped room with either curves or corners. Chenille braided rugs are luxurious as they are soft under feet yet hardwearing. They come in a range of solid or mixed colors. Frame rugs have a main color with a contrasting frame around the edge. They can be a combination of 2 or 3 colors. Character rugs like Kelly Rightsell rugs or printed rugs are fun and exciting and will be loved for years to come.

For a streamlined look or an eclectic feel, Punkin Patch can help pull your child?s room together with their free room design service.
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