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Things one can do after booking a Maui car rental at Kahului airport (OCG)
Posted by articlelink01 on November 16th Cheap Men's Nike Air Force 1 HI Premium Sneakers Sanded Gold-Wheat , 2017

Out of all the visitors that visit Maui town, almost no visitor will name Kahului when asked to name a town in Maui. But the funny thing is that almost visitor to the Maui island spends a considerable amount of time of their vacation at Maui. Kahului is basically the main airport located at Maui. Many visitors will know Kahului by booking a Maui car rental at Kahului airport (OCG). But apart from that, there are a lot of things that can attract the visitor’s time and money. So instead of only knowing Kahului for booking a Maui car rental at Kahului airport (OCG) let us learn the other attractions that can also offer value to the visitors.

Kahului Harbor

The visitors to the island who arrive at Maui by ship will only have one place to dock at and that is the celebrated Kahului harbor. Although I must admit that facilities provided there are of poor standards but the authorities have promised to prepare a master plan intended to develop and better t5he quality of the services being provided to the passengers. Once upon a time, the harbor welcomes the Hawaii Super ferry along with three ships of the NCL each week but the locals protested against it as it left little space for them to pursue other activities such as fishing Cheap Nike Air Force 1 Special Force High Boots White , surfing, and other water activities. At present only one ship of the NCL stops regularly at the Kahului harbor.


One of the main attractions that visitors on Maui enjoy is shopping. You can obtain cheap affordable rental cars on Maui and go to Dairy Road and immediately observe the importance of Kahului as a shopping destination in Maui. One can find many big box stores while walking along Dairy Road such as Kmart and Costco and Wal-Mart and even the Home Depot. National chains of smaller sizes such as Office Max, Eagle Hardware, Sports Authority also co-exist there. The island’s largest shopping mall named the Queen Ka’ahumanu Center consisting of over 100 shops as well as restaurants can be noticed along Ka’ahumanu Center. One can also find the smaller Maui mall there which is particularly famous for Longs Drug Store and it also houses a new market or whole foods division.


Kahului may not be the best place for satisfying the thirst of the culturally creative ones but it is certainly not the worst. Book any cheap affordable rental cars on Maui and visit the Maui arts and cultural center or the MACC which is located near the Wailuku side of the town. The MAAC define them as a kind of cultural gathering for celebrating the creativity Cheap Nike Air Force 1 Low 07 LV8 Casual Wolf Grey , community as well as the discovery. It is responsible for hosting more than 1800 events annually which even includes theater and music productions along with the symphony, hula, ballet, taiko drums Cheap Nike Air Force 1 07 Mid Triple White , acrobatics, children’s art etc.

The Kanaha beach park

Not many people get to visit this awesome tourist spot named the Kanaha beach park mostly because they never get to know where it is located. But if you manage to locate it right behind Kahului airport you will be able to comprehend what those people are missing out. One can get there easily by getting a Maui car rental at Kahului airport (OCG) and travel towards Wailuku located on the Hana Highway.

Getting yourself a Maui Car Rental - Kahului Airport (OGG) and traveling to the best places in Kahului is one of the many great things one can do while visiting Maui. The Cheap affordable rental cars on Maui help the visitors afford an all-day ride through the town.

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