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According to the actual situation in China, there are three ways of digital plate making in gravure printing: electronic engraving machine, laser film engraving and post-corrosion treatment, and direct laser ablation of electroplating alloy.
Electronic engraving machine mode
Electronic engraving machine is a kind of precision machine with high quality and stability by using modern technology such as integrated automatic control. All production data are collected in digital form, which can be used in the follow-up movable parts, with strong reliability. The original is transformed into a digital signal from being scanned, sent to the software for color separation and then transmitted to the electric engraving machine or the color proofing machine, which is very beneficial to the standardization and standardization of the production process, thus ensuring the quality of the printed matter. Moreover, the electric engraving workstation uses TIFF graphic data for transmission, through the heliolight group version workstation for convenient integration and setting of working parameter configuration, the carving software generates the electric engraving curve, records the electric engraving parameters and displays the carving status, until the CD is burned to save the file (so that it can be used and modified for many times).
The electric carving technology is relatively mature, the control is simple, and the level reduction is lifelike. The disadvantage is that the amount of ink on the spot is limited, and the covering power of the ink layer to some rough substrate is insufficient; because there is a mesh wall division between the mesh hole and the mesh hole in the mechanical carving, the line edge composed of the mesh hole inevitably has a serrated edge, and the small text is not clear and easy to break or paste when printing. However, German Haier recently introduced Xtreme carving technology, which can reproduce the most delicate part in a mesh number of up to 400 lines / cm. The fine text can independently select the recording resolution without relying on the number of carving mesh. By optimizing the ink flow, the wheel clearance is smooth and the contour line is generated. It can realize not only the normal dot, but also the FM screening replication.New Hot Sale 2017 Hot Sale Cheap Price Herbal Tea Packaging
Laser etching and post etching technology
Laser engraving and post-corrosion technology is another advanced digital plate making method after relay engraving. Like electric engraving, it receives the image file processed by color separation through the interface, and sends the image and text signal after screening to the laser modulator. The laser acts on the protective layer pre coated on the drum surface to expose the copper or iron bottom, and then forms different mesh points on the drum with different sizes after different times of corrosion. Pits.Hot Wholesale Company Custom Tissue Paper With Your Logo
The laser engraving process overcomes the weakness of simultaneous interpreting of the engraving characters and fine lines, highlighting the characteristics of high ink content, thick color, clear handwriting and durable service. Compared with the traditional gravure plate making, it has the advantages of high precision, arbitrary editing and no joint. It is widely used in high-precision anti-counterfeiting printing of currency, securities, ticketing and other high-end tobacco and alcohol packaging, and has more advantages in the production process of fine embossing roller and rubber coating roller.
In addition, there is a photosensitive laser mode, which uses violet laser to expose and then wash the photosensitive layer of the image and text part. Other processes are basically the same as laser film cutting.
Laser direct ablation plate making of electroplating alloy
With the development of laser technology, laser ablation technology will be widely used in gravure. It does not need mechanical adjustment, fine lines and words are clearer, and it is easier to control the level than corrosion. At present, the latest laser engraving machine is introduced in the market. It uses high-resolution laser to conduct fine engraving directly on the surface of copper drum. The outline, dot distribution and depth of engraving information can be changed arbitrarily, so as to achieve the output effect that only laser typesetter can achieve before.Newest Special Underwear Paper Box

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