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My initial web searches failed to uncover any useful forefoot running resources. I had to feel my way into forefoot running on my own. The first thing I noticed was that the towering heel of my Mizuno Wave Creation 10 was hitting the ground way too early, and was forcing me to run either on my tip-toes or in a slight squat (in order to avoid a painful heel impact), each of which caused other problems (ITB and PF).I switched to an old worn-out pair of Asics that had a much softer and slightly lower heel. By mid-summer my PRs again started to improve. Since I wasn’t placing as much weight on my midfoot, I removed the heavy orthotics, and saw another Nike Air Max 90 Mujer improvement in my PRs. At this point, I was much more Nike Air Max 90 Herr comfortable running a mile than walking one!When a friend suggested racing flats, I went to each of my local specialty running stores, tried everything, and when I finally tried the Kilkenny, it was love at first step. I got the shoes, trained well, did my race, beat my optimistic goal time, and kept on running in my racing flats. I searched the local shops for road shoes that would have a heel compatible with a forefoot strike, but found nothing that fit my narrow flat foot.In hindsight, a stress fracture was inevitable. Sure, it was not smart to run exclusively on hard surfaces in racing flats. But I also must share some blame with the shoe market, for not having a road shoe available that would fit my foot and running style, and also be stocked by local shops.While I now Adidas Campus Womens consider myself to be a minimalist runner due to my Nike Air Max 2017 Donne forefoot stride, I also realize I’m also a ‘maximalist’ runner: Maximally ignorant, that is. It took me way too long to learn the running vocabulary, which is the only way to get useful search results (when entering any area of specialization, first becoming ‘buzz-word compliant’ is mandatory). Where are the running glossaries?I’ve reached the point where I’m willing to believe that my ideal road shoe, a padded racing flat, may simply not exist. And I’m wondering what I can do about that situation. So far, I’ve come up with five options:Accept the situation: Do what’s needed to adapt to the best fitting shoe available that has an acceptably low H2T drop. But I’m concerned I’ll have to adapt my stride to the point that I’ll have problems switching back to my racing flats before Nike Air Max Classic BW Dam races. And I refuse to give up my racing flats!Find Adidas Superstar Femme a shoe that’s ideal in all respects OTHER than H2T drop, and have a cobbler slice away some foam to remove the excess heel height (a trivial task for any qualified cobbler). This would require a shoe with minimal heel structure, lacking things like wave plates and air/gel layers. The Brooks Green Silence may be a candidate, which I’ll try out after my foot finishes healing.
Eliminate all hard-surface running, except for final race training and race day. Which means I keep running in my racing flats, but only on sand and turf. Not an easy thing to accomplish in my densely packed suburb, but not impossible (just impractical).Add a thin Sof Sole gel cushion to the forefoot of my racing flats. I’ve already done this, just for insurance, but I doubt it is enough to prevent another stress fracture. And I haven’t yet run in the Asics Gel Lyte 3 Damen modified shoe, so it may prove unworkable.I ran my first half marathon in April 2010, and from the pictures, I could totally tell I was a heel striker. When I started doing more of tempo runs and speedwork in lighter shoes, I found that (for me) going quicker allowed me to find my midfoot. And once I started training more on my midfoot, the minutes just came off my race times. My 2nd half marathon was 7 minutes faster, the third was 4 minutes faster than the 2nd. So I shaved 11 minutes off my half time in 5 months. Plus, as a midfoot striker, I can run my mile repeats about 40 seconds faster than what I did as a heel striker. I know these results could be due to training aspects as well, but it is amazing to me how much quicker I am on my midfoot, and also how much less fatigued my legs feel on long runs! Love the minimalist shoes…but Nike Air Max 90 Femme I own a slightly heavier trainer as well, because there’s Nike Air Max Thea Mujer still doubt in the back of my mind that I’m doing the absolute “right” thing! Hope I am, because I’m enjoying the improvements!

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Utwórz nowy wątek Odpowiedz w wątku  [ Posty: 1 ] 

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